Purpose of lens in camera

Are camera lens filters necessary?

Lenses are designed without filters , so they will theoretically function at their peak potential without one. Not to say that using a specialty filter will not give you amazing results you couldn't achieve otherwise, such as a polarizer or 10-stop ND. But UV filters don't do much when it comes to digital photography.

So yes, professional photographers do use filters while taking and editing photos . Each type of filter or editing preset is used as a tool to enhance an image and offer more creative choices.

Since digital photography is all about the quality and intensity of light, lens filters are often necessary to modify the light before it enters the lens . Many photographers think that some of the built-in tools in Lightroom and Photoshop can simulate filter behavior, making filters redundant in the digital age.

For the vast majority of street photography work, a protective or UV filter is all you need . They preserve contrast and detail well. The UV filter serves no creative purpose, and that's its greatest asset. It's also a fantastic protective tool for your front lens element.